A rough introduction

A wandering soul that’s currently living in London.

lagos taxi

Loosely translated, Kowadakowa is Hausa for ‘everyone’.

IMG_4548My allurements lie between the worlds of food, travel, architecture/interior design, fashion and photography and although this is seemingly ambitious, I’m certain that someday, I’ll have my hands in all of it, some way or another.

As I’ve got no formal knowledge in these things so far, I’m grateful to have picked up a bit of the multifaceted cultures in the countries I’ve lived in- particularly  France, where I worked in a restaurant and had loads of time to venture off along the Côte d’Azur.

I love to travel and explore different cities in an unconventional way. I try out the cafés, brunch spots, bars and restaurants, as opposed to just sightseeing and sunbathing on the beach (depending on the city).

I’ve sold t-shirts, sweatshirts and totes to friends and followers of the Kowadakowa family  and hope to sell some more in the future. Those are some of the t-shirts I’ve sold .


I’ll post mostly my photography, food, things to do in and around different cities, thoughts and a host of other things.


yup, that’s me. With my #kowadakowa tote at Albion in Shoreditch.
I look up to my parents, Alain Ducasse, Christine Ha, Raf Simmons, Cecil Beaton, Monocle,  Openhouse and the kinfolk team for expertise, but everywhere and anywhere for inspiration. I love clean, minimalist design because of the level of detail that goes into its simplicity.
Through the sales of Kowa merchandise ( either during planned taster menus or special orders) or donations, I hope to care for the neglected because Kowadakowa is for everyone.

Hope you enjoy my adventuring,



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