24 hours in Manchester


Running through Euston was just as nerve-racking as it was fun. With exactly nine minutes between our arrival at Euston and the time of departure, Farida- my sister and I needed to pick up our tickets from the machines, buy snacks and of course, get coffee before getting through the barriers and onto the train. The barista was being really slow but just as I was about to leave in frustration, she gave me my soya latte. That was when the adventure truly began. I can assure you, dodging luggage and pushchairs is not fun. and why do people walk through busy stations like slugs? IT’S FRUSTRATING!!!


I think I found this trip a lot of fun because of the limited amount of time I had. 

24 hours.  1 City.  1 concert.  Brunch.  A coffee shop. 

 I even managed to squeeze dinner with friends and a trip to the football museum in- for Farida’s sake. 

Because we walked everywhere, we got to see a bit more of the city than we ordinarily might have been able to. On our way to the hotel, I found this really cool charity shop. With some groovy music in the background, I thought the staircase was really cool. The entire wall was lined with vinyl and record covers. 



View of the wet courtyard at the little hotel



After resting for a short while, we got ready and headed for the Adele concert. Now I know some you must be thinking “Adele? In concert? why?” but it  was so much fun. She’s such a fantastic performer.  The energy and carefully choreographed dance routines of Madonna and Beyoncé were effortlessly made up by her wit, powerful voice and interaction with the crowd. I mean, although I was miles away, it felt as though I was in a little bar in Notting hill.. extremely personal. 



Hologram effect at the show


IMG_3034And the finale.. Powerful! whilst singing ‘set fire to the rain’ backed by an amazing orchestra, there was so much confetti being let out from the ceiling. I managed to grab a few and this is what they read: IMG_3067




Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


French toast and Scrambled eggs for brunch 




the damage




We then went back to the hotel, checked out and headed over to the football museum while it was pissing down with rain.



IMG_3015IMG_3016IMG_3012the evolution of fan weapons over the years


Random picture of the platform of a tram station. IMG_3031

THE WORST bit of the entire trip was the journey home. our train was delayed for over two hours. lucky, we got refunded the price of our tickets so I can't complain. 




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