It’s hard, I know it is



I tend to beat myself up about the most minuscule of things- likes, dislikes, choice of clothes for the day, or anything, really,- but I’m finally beginning to appreciate me for me. I haven’t always, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

A few friends of mine, authors and and online acquaintances have been invaluable in helping me realise that I’m not half bad. Sod it, I’m awesome!  Anyone who knows me knows that I get really moody and become a bit of a recluse (hence the huge time lag between my last post and this) and I think that’s partly to do with life- and all the baggage it comes with- and school (gosh I wish I could be rid of school ASAP!!)

I know we often feel swamped with work, or school, or life (or all of these things) but I think it’s important to stop for a minute every once in a while, take several deep breaths, look around and appreciate the little things. Stopping isn’t easy. It’s hard, I know it is. But I think it’s really important to try to stop and let go.

The simple realisation that, in the grand scheme of things, what might seem to be the weight of mountains is ultimately going to be as light as a teaspoon, can really ward off any swampy feeling. IMG_2559





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