A little Update

These last few months have been a whirlpool of emotions for me. Last year, I spent most of November and early December nonchalant about nearly everything but closer to Christmas I was too Excited about my trip to Lagos to even think straight.

 I had way too much fun, constantly partying, hanging out with family and friends, exploring, but most importantly, EATING.

I’m back now and will try a lot harder to post frequently. Lagos Inspired me to do more.

This year is going to be awesome! I’ve just got this feeling it will be.

With regards to posts, I’ve created new menus on the homepage to help segment posts into categories (and make everything look more organised).

Posts are now under: Lifestyle for photography, scribbles; the Wanderer,  for information about stuff to do in and around London every month; Places/ Spaces; and nibbles, for food.

I’ve also created the coffee spot, Food markets and brunch culture pages under the ‘Lifestyle’ menu to give you guys information about spots I consider to be worth a trip.

Hope you’re as excited about what’s coming up as I am,



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