Southend getaway

Sometimes the most spontaneous things turn out to be the most fun.

IMG_0353 IMG_0354

For some odd reason, London’s temperature hit 30 degrees, which is quite peculiar for this time of year. It’s currently pissing down so I’m here with a cup of tea in my candle- lit room listening to Cherry Wine.

To me, rainy days are the best. I get to sit at home and read or go to warm coffee shops and write.

Sunny days are quite nice, don’t get me wrong, I’d just rather wrap up. The trip reminded me so much of my childhood. The times when my sisters and I would go to the seaside town of Ruislip with our Nana. We did everything we used to- built sandcastles, buried my little brother neck-deep in the sand and laughed like we hadn’t in such a long time. It reminded us of the fun we used to have as children, even though we weren’t all there. For me, I had time to think. I walked up and down the seashore, close enough that the I could now feel damp sand and the occasional swash and backwash of the waves.

We eventually left for the real adventure, to walk the world’s longest Pier. It took half an hour but every second felt magical. I had to tell my little brother to stop talking and relish the now. There’s something about not doing anything, I call it ‘being in the now’. As I shut my eyes, I felt the reflection of the blazing sun pierced down unto the water. The sound of seagulls and the swash of the waves, the smell of salty seawater and that evening sea breeze just before sunset. It was all so beautiful.

IMG_0367     IMG_0368IMG_0369        IMG_0379  IMG_0381     IMG_0388 IMG_0389   IMG_0392 IMG_0393   IMG_0396


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