Creamy gorgonzola and chicken pasta

Hi guys,

Today was a bit of a funny day. I was so tired after lectures that I ended up falling asleep on Hunter Gather’s coffee shop sofa in Shoreditch- great space by the way. Its friendly staff and great coffee make your shopping experience that bit more interesting. Or you can just enjoy some coffee and nibbles with friends, like I did. Either way, it’s worth a trip down there. I’ve added the location to the post’s location.

Anyway… I woke up this strange craving for chorizo and remembered that I had some Italian gorgonzola cheese left over from last night that I could somehow incorporate into whatever dish I was going to make for dinner.

The result, a creamy gorgonzola and chicken pasta with the rendered fat from sweated chorizo chunks- in under 40minutes! (For about 4 people)


To recreate this, you’ll need:


2 chicken breasts

a cereal bowl of pasta

100 g of gorgonzola

chorizo chunks

crème fraiche

a bunch of fresh basil

a handful of mushrooms

2 cloves of garlic

half an onion

thyme (fresh or dried to season the chicken)

parsley (fresh or dried to season the cream)

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

a wok

2 saucepans with lids.


What to do with all that:

In a saucepan, boil your pasta with a bit of olive oil or a knob of butter to prevent them from sticking together and then add a pinch or two of salt, just so it’s not bland. When the pasta is ready, strain in a colander whilst running the cold water tap over it to stop the cooking process then set aside.

Cut up the chicken breasts (unevenly) and season with the garlic cloves, thyme, salt and black pepper then set aside while you prepare everything else.

Dice the half onion and sweat on a low heat in the wok then add the chorizo chunks and let them sweat for about 5 minutes, again on a low heat. This sweating process allows you extract the lovely spicy juices from the chorizo, without overcooking  it. Add the chicken and continue to cook in the wok until you’re satisfied with the texture. It shouldn’t take more than about 5- 7 minutes, maybe longer. It’s amazing how much magic the chorizo adds to the chicken.

While that’s cooking, cut up the gorgonzola into chunks to allow it melt quickly when heated.

In the second saucepan, pour- in the crème fraiche and season with salt, black pepper and parsley then simmer on a low heat for about 3 minutes- don’t let it boil!

Roll up the bunch of basil and cut up then slice the mushrooms finely.

Add the gorgonzola chunks, basil and mushrooms to the saucepan with the crème fraiche then simmer for a few more minutes with the lid of the saucepan on. When that’s done, you’re ready to bring the dish together.

Add the pasta to the wok and stir- in until it’s all mixed in then pour in the saucepan of creamy goodness and continue to stir, again, until it’s all mixed in.

Serve into bowls and garnish with basil leaves and finely- sliced chorizo.




Happy cooking,



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