Somerset House

Last week I ventured off to Somerset house to look at the Sony World Photography Awards and as you can imagine, the exhibition lived up to expectation, with amateur and professional categories comprising photographers from around the globe. Themes ranged from the ongoing Kiev crisis in Ukraine and the Ebola epidemic in West Africa to the role of dads in Sweden. (Captions on the photos aren’t the actual titles of the photographs that were exhibited) With easy access by bus or tube, Somerset House is located in the heart of London. It’s a stone’s throw away from cultural Covent Garden, Temple- overlooking the Thames and Charing cross- on the Strand. Upon arrival, the lovely courtyard was ever so welcoming with fashonistas in their various elements thanks to the beautiful spring weather, the sound of water that jolted out of the ground at set intervals. IMG_8051IMG_8050_2

And so the adventure began..

The exhibition cost £5 for students and £8 for adults
images of the victims of the 2014 building collapse in Bangladesh.
Images of the victims of the 2014 building collapse in Bangladesh.


And compelling stories of some Indian youth that suffer from a rare, treatable  form of genetic blindness. I forget what it’s called but take a look some of the photos I found most captivating.

       As I meandered round the different rooms, I noticed the level of detail and amount of time it must’ve taken to curate the exhibition.     

On going crisis in Unkraine


Japan, age , colour and light
Possibly my favourite. Prayer& still
The importance of dads in Sweden
courtyard view from inside



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