...from Dundee with love

  A much needed break from the seemingly endless lecture and seminar hours resulted in a retreat into the Scottish highlands. 
After having ‘camped’ at my cousins’ in Birmingham, Costa’s vanilla soya latte got me up at the crack of dawn and ready for what would be a friday morning of non- stop eating and binging on the first season of community. 

Fast forward four and a half hours where we had to change in Edinburgh for Dundee….

As we crossed the River Tay and the train pulled into the station, I had my cameras ready to capture every moment of the adventure I was about to embark on.

From stone skipping and lip syncing to movie nights and midnight snacks, we managed to somewhat curb the nostalgia for our childhood.

Easter egg hunt prep.

There’s something about the still of sipping a green tea and watching the sunrise with a nutella- spread bagel that makes you want to put on your sweatshirt, nike trainers and run as far as the horizon to get as close to it as possible.

Morning run in my #kowadakowa jumper

In Kingennie, the fishing lakes nestled in the golf course, alongside manure- scented neighbouring farms served as my adventure land. 

Panoramic view of the lake at Kingennie, Dundee

But sunset is my best time of the day. The incredible artwork display in the sky is just breathtaking. A feature I miss most about school in the Swiss Alps.

This video attempts to sum- up my time in Dundee.  




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