The little things.

 Firstly, a late happy mother’s day to all the mothers, grand mothers, and mother-like figures out there. This bunch of daffodils is for you. each of you #kowadakowa. 
Mother’s day flowers from Hillsong church. 
There’s really something about the little things, isn’t there? The longer days and the sprouting of flowers, suggesting the arrival of spring. 

I bought a bunch of hyacinths the other day and watched them grow from asparagus- like greens to this beautiful purple bunch of flowers. 

 It’s so much nicer in London now. The sun was out nearly everyday last week which made me much happier than usual. I was having a really rocky february/ March, which sort of had a ripple effect on my relationships with my friends and family. 

   With my breathing difficulty, running during the winter isn’t an option- it’s extremely painful so I tend to not run during the winter months. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten back to my running routine, which is probably the only thing I’m consistent with. 

  Through Regents Park, up Baker Street, through Marble Arch and into Hyde park, I find peace. A still I only get when running. It simply clears my mind and leaves me at a still place with God, my father. His love, as I’ve come to realise thanks to Judah Smith- a wonderful man that leads the City Church in Seattle. 

Whilst listening to Benjamin Francis Leftwich, as recommended to me by a friend, I felt a connection a whole other level. The weird goospbumps-ey feeling that keeps you in the moment. That makes you want to run faster. To breathe harder. ‘Atlas Hands’ helped me realise that sometimes, it’s ok to let go. close your eyes and let your imagination take you as far as you will let it.
A connection I feel with nature and a deeper appreciation and love for the flora of the earth. Similar to Benjamin, is my personal favourite- Nick Mulvey. ‘Fever to the form’ and ‘Cucurucu’ are amazing songs, although they aren’t as up beat as ‘Atlas hands’.  
Some photos from my phone taken on Westbourne Grove, Woodside Park, The British Museum and Regents Canal. They are in no order of relevance- I just thought I’d share them with you.
Hope you’ve enjoyed this,