Bubbly with canapés and kinfolk

 a lovely garden party on sunday evening. What better way to announce an engagement than to throw a little party in your garden with lovely food and family? 


Before I go on, this is what plated food at a ‘normal’ Nigerian party looks like

jollof rice, fried rice, dodo (fried plantains), coleslaw and stewed beef or chicken. It’s the staple arrangement.  

these dodo canapés were a winner

Tender steak strips seasoned with coriander, chilli and spring onions on a bed of grilled plantain slices.  

I’m really glad people are doing what they feel comfortable with now. Every party used to be the usual… food, a dj, drinks, all under one massive canopy. This was different. Free spirits having a good time, smoothies, a wide selection of food from nigerian to Chinese. Lovely french wine, great music and kinfolk.