I had the most fun over the last weekend than I have in the longest time!
 Friday was cut short because I had errands to run so I worked half the day and then ventured off into the chaos that is Lagos. (I love the city. It can be fun, it just is a bit of a handful). 
I got home at about 16:00 hrs with a throbbing headache because it took me about 2½ hours to get home thanks to yours truly, President Jonathan- who had flown in for the day to do sod all, leaving the metropolis at a complete stand still. How inconsiderate!

overcast sky on the 3rd mainland bridge

 I got home and headed straight for the swimming pool, regardless of the overcast sky. I quite like gloomy days, weather-wise because they remind me of London- also I’m not particularly fond of the idea of the scorching sun all year round so friday was quite nice. 

inspiration search 

  I posted this photo on Instagram with the same caption and a friend of mine couldn’t get over it. He found it most amusing for some strange reason, but that’s alright because he’s a cool kid.

 The Fusion of Ben Howard’s ‘Every Kingdom’ album and the sensation of my feet dipped into the pool and me laying on the pool’s edge sent me fast to la la land. 

Cinnamon crunch & cocopops with my staple- lemon infused water woke me up nice and early on saturday while flickering through GQ and the Condé Nast Traveller for inspiration. I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time on the interior design side of my brain but last weekend made up for all the time lost. 
You might think me silly but I think I  invented a stroke after breakfast. It’s a cross between the butterfly and breaststroke.  A Fast forward to about 13:00 hours and I was at my little brother’s prep. school- it was an eye- opener. the mixture of spoilt children and even worse nannies- WOW! Kids kicking and screaming when told to get off bouncy castles, running away from their nannies, nannies running after kids- a mess!
succulent BBQ chicken at LPS

oooh and they took up all the space on the food queues because of their indecision and what not but I managed to get some barbecued chicken which was just lovely. The love gone into the marination was evident throughout each bite. The prefect amount of time spent on the charcoal  grill was worth much more than three tokens per piece. 

#KowaIdeas #kowaInspiration

There was this stall on the side that no one seemed to pay much attention to. It was a young Hausa gentleman selling woven baskets and interesting art pieces. I found myself, more often than not, gawking at the level of detail that many of them had. Hopefully you’ll see the african fusion in some more of my stuff over the christmas period. 

The big whopper, however, was my amazing bump into ASA at the Wheatbaker during the opening night of the ‘Eko Moves’ photography exhibition by Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko!!! I was lost for words… anyway we were introduced, started chatting and couldn’t stop. 


 As she walked into the room in a black short- sleeved mid-length dress, her signature yellow céline satchel and dior trainers, she spread, through her petite physique a mien of humility with her calm tone and poise.
 She seemed chuffed when I told her about the time I missed  her London concert at Union Chapel and how I instagramed a picture to ‘apologise’ for my absence (even though she had no idea who I was at the time). We scrolled through a few pictures on my #kowadakowa instagram page, spoke about my plans to develop kowadakowa, looked at a few photos by the wonderful photographer Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko.

we obviously had to take a selfie 

      My favourite pieces from the exhibition were ‘Makoko’ and ‘Sandfill Area’

Makoko by Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko
Sandfill Area (if I remember correctly) by YAB

It was such an amazing exhibition because although the excellent quality of the photography was evident through the use of shade, light and print on different mediums like aluminium (slight twist front the norm), the exhibition told an amazing story. It fused the work of the first ever performing arts school in Nigeria- SPAN and derelict/ neglected Lagos. 
 There was a lovely dance performance by the dance students mid- show and then videos of the run- up to each shot during the photo shoot which I thought was very creative. 

After church the following morning, I had brunch, well I say brunch, it was more of a snack, to be honest, at the Art café. 
Over some some light jazz as background music I decided to play it simple (after several flutes of champagne last night) with an iced soya mocha and an oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie.

oatmeal and chocolate cookie & Iced soya mocha 
alfresco brunch at the Art café

The place has just got this easy- going vibe to it. No fuss. Great coffee, simple food like a cafe should offer, but if you manage to venture downstairs, be sure to be wowed by the wonderfully curated pieces in their art gallery. 




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