Rosemary and Olive chicken 



500g of chicken pieces
Handful of black and green olives
3 fresh Rosemary branches
A teaspoon of thyme
4 tbs extra virgin  olive oil
Salt and black pepper to taste
3 cloves of garlic
Half an onion

A knob of butter


What to do with all that
  Heat the oven to about 180 degrees

  In a saucepan, sauté the cut- up onion for about a minute (just to soften it).
 With the olive oil, a pinch of salt and a bit of black pepper, marinate the chicken lightly and then quick fry- this basically just suggests leaving them in a frying pan for about 20 seconds at very high heat.
 Once the skin of the chicken skin is relatively crisp, place in roasting dish along with the rosemary,
thyme, cut- up or crushed cloves of garlic and knob of butter. 

  Just before placing in the oven scrunch the olives in your hand, toss them into the dish then cover the dish with foil and let it cook for about and hour.
   After about an hour, remove the foil cover and place back in the oven but reduce the oven temperature slightly – this helps cook the chicken quicker and gives it a lovely golden- brown colour.

   After about 15/ 20 minutes, check on it. If you cut open a piece and it’s reddish-pink then it’s undercooked and need a bit more time in the oven if not, then your chicken is ready to be plated.
   Lay a few pieces nicely on a warm serving dish and then garnish with some rosemary and a few olives.
– If you haven’t got any fresh roasemary or thyme, by all means, use the dried versions available.  
– One could easily accompany this with a salad and a light dressing, some roast or mashed potatoes, quinoa or anything, really.
-To get more out of the dish, you could easily cut the chicken into smaller pieces.
 -While it’s in the oven, don’t check frequently because you lose heat by opening the oven door but don’t let the chicken cook for too long because we really want moisture in the chicken, not a dry old piece, however, we don’t want an undercooked piece or you’d spend the next few days on the toilet.
– A warm serving dish simply keeps your food warm for a while longer then a cool one will.
– A white dish is generally more aesthetically pleasing because of contrast but any other coloured dish would do if you haven’t got one.
– Serve the dish hot with easy accompaniments or cold by cutting it up into boneless strips and adding to a noodle/ rice dish.
With leftovers, you could easily debone the chicken and make a lovely chicken butty in a bread roll or flat bread by adding some avocados or simply spreading a bit of mayonnaise on the bap. 

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