A rough introduction 

Loosely translated, Kowadakowa is Hausa for ‘everyone’ and the idea really is to care for
everyone as much as we can.  
My allurements lie between the worlds of food, travel, architecture/interior design, fashion and photography and although this is seemingly ambitious, I’m certain that someday, I’ll have my hands in all of it, some way or another so right now, I’m starting this lifestyle blog.

 My passion, however is food- it’s creation and consumption. I have no formal knowledge of food but after having lived and worked in Nigeria, England, Switzerland and France during my life thus far, I’m grateful to have picked up a bit of their multifaceted cultures with regard to food- particularly in France where I worked under a Michelin- starred Chef, which, I must admit, was a very trying time for me (you’ll get to know more about this in subsequent posts).

  I think of myself as punctilious and innovative- with regard to my cooking, constantly challenging my creativity, tweaking recipes here and there to my specification or requests from friends and family (who I’m grateful to have).  There really is just one slight hiccup- fish   …well you see, we aren’t the best of friends because I have major allergic reactions after eating fish and the sad part of it is that I steer clear of seafood in general because of my fear of allergies …I really should have had an allergen test done but I’ve been lolling about for the longest time.
 I look up to Jamie Oliver, my mother, Raf Simons, Asa, Alain Ducasse, Christine Ha, Heston Blumenthal and the kinfolk and Monocle teams for expertise, but everywhere and anywhere for inspiration. 
  Through the sales of Kowa merchandise  (either during planned taster menus or special orders) or donations, I hope to care for the neglected and although it’s an ambiguous word, I mean it literally.

 Hope you enjoy my cooking and adventuring.




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