On water, the neglected and consideration. 

 One of life’s basic amenities is water. Provided by UNICEF, 400m people around the world are deprived from its access. On a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, this scene caught me and got me thinking how privileged some people are. I love water and being around, in or near it- the beach, a river or a simple bath.

   The real vision of Kowa da kowa is to be as charitable as we can.
 How can we do this, one might ask. Well co-operation through awareness creation and active work
because it’s not very easy to pinpoint the neglected due to the facades a lot of people create to mask the depths of  what’s actually going on in their lives. For now, we’ll have to go with obvious issues for the time being. I also don’t mean to bore you by wittering on about it now, but I’d like you to be more cautious of the fact that a lot of us in the world lack free acces to not just water but clean water for domestic use, let alone as a leisure amenity.